BlackSite: Area 51 Video Interview

BlackSite: Area 51 Interview including new screens and gameplay footage

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Diselage4240d ago

I'm actually getting more and more excited about this game, i really wasn't expecting much but it's shaping up nicely

kalistyles4240d ago

I wasn't thinking to much about this game, but the more I see it I am looking forward to it even more.

ch_ymh4240d ago

Ah..another great FPS games, how can i choose to play?

Dlacy13g4240d ago

This game is a must have for me. The demo shocked me at how good it was. I loved the atmosphere and interactive enviornment. Personally I would have ditched the tag along squad but they are ok enough...they just felt a little too "un-inolved" in terms of control. But then again...I guess that is what he was shooting for based on the interview. This game is going to be really good! Can't wait for it!

tony4240d ago

im more interested on timeshift, but i have my eyes on this one. i hope they don't rush the game so they can fix the problems that i found in the demo.

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