Spaziogames Review: Vagrant Story

Spaziogames: It 'been a long time by the publication of Vagrant Story, and yet, even today, gambling has a special flavor that hardly can be seen in other productions like. Difficult not to recall with nostaglia the golden age of PlayStation and its masterpieces Squaresoft made in that time. Even more difficult, however, is not to be charmed before a game, almost a decade after its original release, can keep abreast of current production, much higher.

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wogsy3277d ago

I played Vagrant Story when I was 15 and I still remeber it clearly..
A truly fantastic game that has influenced a lot of other games..

The weapon customisation in this game was groundbreaking for the time, along with the story and battles.. I remember the funky speech bubbles feeling weird at first but after a while they complement the game perfectly..

If this was released on PSN or XBL then I would be all over it like flies on sh*t!!

Give me this and Perfect Dark please..
Screw all them modern games that are all identikit designs, identikit characters.. I want some good old fashioned 90's type gaming.
Maybe Im just getting old:(

Squaresoft were so good back then that it makes me weep thinking about all the crap they are churning out today:(