UK EA Store sells MOH:Airborne and Battleforge for Free

Bugs aren't hard to come by on the EA store and considering the Mirrors edge, Mercs 2 and Dead Space fiasco, this isn't the first, and is probably isn't the last time it will happen. The lowdown is that a bug in the EA UK Store is basically letting people buy Medal of Honor Airborne and Battleforge for free.


Edit: Bug has been fixed, no soup for you!

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mrv3213322d ago

Isn't battleforge allready free?

Battlefield3322d ago

its stated in the article "Although Battleforge was probably free anyway"

mrv3213322d ago

I admit I didn't read it, I went of to prepare for solaris which I am right in saying was a wiser move.

PhilipLarkin3322d ago

Just tryed it, and am downloading Airborne for free =D

If you need help - Download the download Manager here ( then sign in (either create a new one or dig out your old account), then add Battleforge play4free to the basket, ignoring the promt to also download 3000 points. Then, find Medal of Hnour, add Airborne to basket, and checkout - should work a treat. You don't need any credit card info =D

mrv3213322d ago

This has happend way too much, I think this could be a wierd marketing ploy... I mean they've drummed up interest in their store and games at the cost of pennies.

Seedhouse3322d ago

It doesn't work anymore...?

AznSniper3322d ago

Yea. Cart is disabled for me.

Battlefield3322d ago

Yeah they fixed it, I updated the story so people don't complain

tdrules3322d ago

lol i found this 4 hours and it sure has spread...

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