iPhone release date and time announced

Those of you that already have your calendars marked for the big day can now set your watches as well, as Steve himself not only reiterated the iPhone's launch date during his Jobsnote, but let loose the actual time it'll ship as well...

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codeazrael4741d ago

The 29th is going to be like how game stores do when they release a game at or near midnight or something. So, basically I have to wait until the end of june to get my f*ckin iphone!

ben hates you4741d ago

600$for a phone i'll stick with my blackjack works fine, i'd rather buy another 360, or Ps3, or hell even a couple wii's before i'll buy this phone

closedxxx4741d ago

The iPhone is an impressive device.
I prefer other portable media players to the Ipod, and I prefer a PC to a MAC, and not just for gaming.
I generally don't support Apple, but for no other reason that my own needs and hobbies.
But, I will give credit where it is due.
The iPhone is innovative, sleek, and high tech. It's the closest thing we've ever had to that "All in one" PDA.
The only ting keeping me from queuing up outside my local AT&T store is the $500 (contract included) price tag

Azurite4741d ago

Thought it already was released.

HyperBear4741d ago

but I cant think of any good reasons to get this. I can think of, yea its got internet integration and iTunes, and touch screen, and its a phone, and its a camera and all that great stuff that Apple has in their macbooks and ipods, but honestly, 650 bucks for a phone. the Razr is just as good as iPhone except its not touch screen, and doesnt have the wifi internet browser. and its 300 bucks cheaper. Someone would have to be crazy, or just sucking Apple's nuts to buy one of these. I thought 600bucks for a PS3 was bad, but now that i look at how PS3 is more of like a really heavy duty/powerful gaming PC, it is worth 600bucks. but 650bucks for a cell phone, c'mon.

I know it will sell like crazy, cause everyone is a fan of Apple. i think i last heard over 65% of the world have something apple, whether its a mac, macbook, ipods, or now iPhones, but im one of those ppl who hate Apple, like really hate them. They charge you ppl soo much for their products, just cause of iTunes program and its (somewhat) easy connection to PCs, thats it. Ill give Apple credit for making the best music software ever with iTunes, but other than iTunes, Apple is just a waste of money.

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