GameInformer Interview: Saber Interactive Bends Gravity With Inversion

GI writes: "TimeShift developer, Saber Interactive, hasn't been twiddling its thumbs since it released 2007's time-warping shooter. Now the developer is preparing to distort a different field of physics – gravity. Its new game, Inversion, details the war that springs up after an alien menace with the power to control gravity invades our planet. Read issue 201 of Game Informer for our full preview, and check out our interview with Saber Interactive CEO, Matthew Karch, if you want to hear him talk about his new game's story, its gravity-manipulating weaponry, and its co-op functionality."

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so instead of just grappling an item and pulling it to you, you have to first create a zero g field around it and then pull it to you?

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