Making A Character: A Quick Debate (resumeplay)

Alrighty, I sat down this morning with the obvious intention of playing video games. "What should I play?", I wondered. I could play L4D2, as Nick, or MW2 as Roach, or Dragon Age as an original character. The choice for me was clear: Dragon Age. Creating a character is much better than playing as someone pre-made, or is it? Allow me to present a quick argument for both sides.

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CheatsMcGee3322d ago

I've always liked being able to create my own character. It is an extension of oneself, able to experience a brand new world through the eyes of a person such as yourself.

However, preset characters are the face of Gaming. Who can't recognize Mario, Link, Master Chief, or Marcus? At times, it is more fun to experience an established world from the perspective of one of its denizens.

To me, I'm fine with either. Making my own character is a joy unto itself, more so for a new world that I've never visited. However, it's fun to play as an already pre-made badass.

stoppre3322d ago

Dragon Age was the first time that i used a preset character. I think sometimes it is too hard to make them look like yourself or just cool. Sooo many options and sliders!!!

Cosquae3321d ago

As I see it, there's a full spectrum of customisation available for characters.

1) Pre-made, no customisation. The likes of Master-Chief, Gordan Freeman etc.

2) Limited customisation. The name is set and so is the background, but there's scope for appearance and 'stats' change. Thinking 'CJ' from GTA:SA.

3) Mostly customisable. You can't pick the name and have finite choices as to background, but the rest is up to you. Mostly like Mass Effect or DA:Origins.

4) Completely customisable. Mostly Sims games, but also Elder Scrolls IV (not sure about the others, not played them).

Comes down to which one of these you prefer I guess.

mau643321d ago

I like them both about the same.