BioShock: Five Creepy New Videos

Spong has posted 5 new videos of BioShock. Getting shown off is a collection of bizarre weapons ranging from a freeze blast to a swarm of weaponised bees.

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id dot entity4741d ago

Seems to me that only the second link is referring to a duplicate. Anyway, reported.

tony4741d ago

seen it. well so many videos of bioshock, i fell like already played it.

Eclipticus4740d ago

dude my post got deleted. anyways . . . . the winter one, where it shows you freezing then destroying enemies i can swear a voice says somethb bout BIG DADDY something in your mouth. its kind of humurous, perhaps i misheard.

Dr Pepper4740d ago

I heard something also, but I'm not sure what is being said.