Gears of War Release date announced?

The US part of have revealed the release date for Gears Of War. Emergence Day will be the 2nd of October, far sooner than many of us imagined

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ChaosKnight6161d ago

Its been talked about on the official gears of war forums and the developers are complaining that people are getting ahead of themselves... they say its not official its just speculation and they'll be making an announcement soon

MONTY 1876161d ago

2nd of august would be nice:)


mikeeno76161d ago

This sounds fishy. Don't get me wrong, i want this game ASAP, but this comes from a dodgy site and when you look at the official Gears of War site, the release date is labelled as TBA.

Gamer136161d ago

And i can,t wait to play the multi player - and i hope it comes with loads of options.

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