IGN: Best PC Games - 2009

IGN writes: "2009 was a great year for PC gamers. If you're a fan of the PC's core genres -- strategy, shooter and roleplaying -- there were plenty of worthy offerings that are more than enough to fill a year's worth of gaming goodness. Even better, some of the genres that are normally underserved on the PC like action, puzzle and racing all saw plenty of quality releases. The PC also enjoyed a number of smaller, independent releases that rivaled and in some cases surpassed the games being offered by the major publishers. Like we said: it's been a great year."

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3277d ago
jmd7493277d ago

I have everyone of those games nominated for my PC. :) braid was awesome, the music was great. I'm gonna play some L4D2 with a couple pals of mine in a bit... happy gaming my fellow pc gamers. ;)

ChozenWoan3277d ago

These are basically the same games nominated for the 360. I expected there to be a couple non console games nominated such as Sims 3 or something. I know PC gaming has suffered the past few years but they do have games that are not available on consoles that are pretty good. Ohh well, what do I know.

S4NDM4N3277d ago

Terrible list. They put Operation Flashpoint, but no Arma 2? No Cryostasis? No Killing Floor?

They forgot so many games...

solar3277d ago

killing floor is a lot of fun for some reason. especially with mates.

DiffusionE3277d ago

If it was any other game instead of Dragon Age for GOTY, I'd be pretty upset. It may be multiplat, but it's so much better on PC that it feels more like a PC exclusive.

TABSF3277d ago


Comparing PS3 & 360 to PC is the same as
comparing PS2 to PS3

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