ModNation Racer Beta GiveAway

Our motto at GamesOnSmash is, "When were in, Your in." Looking to get in ModNation Racer Beta visit the site and check our Podcasts.


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Keith Olbermann3317d ago

been playing the beta and i cant stop. creating and customizing the driver and vehicle is great. I havent even tried the track editor yet and the racing is fun, fun, 1 purchase for me.

Berser3317d ago

this is BS, only 5 codes!

Handsome_Devil3317d ago

I'm in the beta, Day 1 for sure. Damn great game, and great creation tools they give. and a lot of fun playing online.


Shani3317d ago

I got the code but I am not on my PS3.
And I have to redeem it faster otherwise someone else can use it. :(

I will try this when I will get home..

azazin3317d ago

Sorry mate,
I tried all 5 codes on their site and none of them worked. It seems they have already been snatched.

I am still trying to find a beta code though.

gumgum993317d ago

I didn't get in the beta T-T

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The story is too old to be commented.