Pilotwings Wii up for pre-order

The game is currently listed for a release on 31 December 2007, though that is almost surely a placeholder date, with the GameStop site pointing out that, "Official pricing and release dates have not been announced by the publisher. Price and release date listed are estimates only and subject to change." Pilotwings has made only two previous appearances - once on the SNES, and once as a Nintendo 64 launch title. Both versions reaped critical praise, though plummeted at retail like lead balloons.

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The Wombat4741d ago

Finally! I've been harping on how awesome a Pilotwings game on the Wii would be since launch. It should perform better at retail on the Wii than it did on SNES or N64 too.

IQUITN4G4741d ago

One of my absolute fave games for n64 so this is grand news - Snes version was pretty cool too.