15 Games that Defined the PlayStation Brand

Joystick Division writes:

"The PlayStation is officially 15-years-old. It's been a crazy journey through those 15 years and you guys who have been along for the ride probably have some memory that will stick out in your mind as you read this post.

We've come a long way since the original PlayStation was released and I'm ready to celebrate that today with a look back on the games that have helped define the PlayStation brand over the past 15 years."

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Saaking3315d ago

The PlayStation brand is defined by many games unlike the competition (Halo for MS, Mario for Nintendo). This is why I've chosen PlayStation as my console of choice since the release of the first one. PlayStation ftw!

markfrost3315d ago

Nintendo has a few more than Mario. Microsoft...not so much. :-D

Zeal0t3315d ago

100% agree the PlayStation is also my console of choice since the first one, but lets not forget that Mario and Halo are great franchises too. Props to all 3 companies for establishing such great franchises.

FamilyGuy3315d ago

I would say they missed a few but it's pretty spot on.
A 20 game list might have been more appropriate.
How they skipped Tomb Raider I'll never know and Spyro seemed pretty relevant too.

gaffyh3315d ago

I wouldn't have included Guitar Hero, but I'll always have fond memories of Jak & Daxter.

Timesplitter143315d ago

I think Nintendo has lots of great memorable characters too.

Mario, Link, Samus, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Fox, etc...

ryano232773315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

I wouldn't say games, but more series.

Also not bad when you consider Resistance, Motorstorm & Singstar EDIT: Silent Hill & Tomb Raider aren't on the list

Did Madden define the PS or was it the other way around?

TheDeadMetalhead3315d ago

Guitar Hero? o.o

Other than that, good list.

blu_yu_away3315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

Nintendo may be the house that Mario built but its also much more than that. Sure everyone will immediately think of Mario when it comes to Nintendo, but Nintendo consoles have a history of playing host to many genre defining games. You cannot overlook games such as Metroid, Zelda, Megaman, Pokemon, and in the N64 years Goldeneye. And don't forget 2 of the franchises listed in this article started on Nintendo systems. In the early years, series like Final Fantasy, Zelda, Metroid, Megaman, Castlevania, Metal Gear and many many more helped establish Nintendo systems as the pinnacle of gaming. So to say Nintendo is only defined by Mario is extremely nearsighted.

DigitalAnalog3315d ago

*looks at bubbles...

It looks like you have retained a lot of "battle-scars" here in N4G.

-End Statement

FamilyGuy3315d ago

It should definitely be on a future list like this and a few more upcoming PS3 exclusives as well.

bakasora3315d ago

That list is only to mention uncharted2, killzone2 and LBP.
The ratchet and clank ad is great though.

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ttlFantastic3315d ago

Great choices, there are so many to choose from, but this list does the PlayStation justice throughout the past 15 years.

Overmind4203315d ago

I don't know about you guys, but the games on this list were an integral part of me as a video gamer. I was around 11 when I got the Playstation, and so many of these games are reminiscent of that time in my life.

Johnny Rotten3315d ago

don't forget Onimusha and Hot Shots Golf!

markfrost3315d ago

Don't think those stand out quite as much, but good games nonetheless.

Ian Curtis FTW BTW :P

Wolfie3315d ago

Where are Silent Hill and Tomb Raider games :(?

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