PlayDevil: Alien Breed Evolution XLBA/PSN Interview - John Dennis - Design Manager Team 17

PlayDevil has posted an exclusive interview with John Dennis, Design Manager from Team 17 regarding their new released remake XBLA title "Alien Breed Evolution".

Here's a snip:

"7. Do you have DLC plans, or will this just be an episodic release?

There aren't any plans for DLC. The game is episodic: there are three episodes, each of which has something like 5-8 hours of content including its own environments, enemies, weapons, set-pieces and boss battles.

There's a narrative arc that runs across the three: each episode ends with a cliff-hanger which is resolved at the start of the next episode, but players can buy and play the episodes in any order if they like: they work as stand-alone games or as part of a series.

8. Do the Worms cast feature anywhere in the game, either as an easter egg or intentionally?"

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