Sony issues response to Church of England complaints

"We take their concerns very seriously"

SCEE has issued an official response to complaints by the Church of England over PlayStation 3 game Resistance: Fall of Man.

"Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is aware of the concerns expressed by the Bishop of Manchester and the Cathedral authorities about the use of Manchester Cathedral in the game Resistance: Fall of Man, and we naturally take their concerns very seriously," the statement reads.

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nobizlikesnowbiz4734d ago

So they can tell them over the phone what a bunch of lilly-litigation-loving fakers that just want money from a big corporation. 10% of your sheep's earnings not enough to supply your coke-fueled prostitute orgies?

Firewire4734d ago

This is ridiculous!
Great teach people money is more important than anything. It really states that they don't care about violence, even in their church as long as you pay us!
Sony should get a huge billboard, outside the church & flash the game on it, then list the demands of the church, then list all the faults of that church! Sex scandals, child abuse, extortion attempts.....

Leathersoup4734d ago

As stupid and greedy of the church as this is, the devs should have just created their own locations. Not copied real ones.

You won't see anyone suing the Crackdown devs for this stuff and for the most part, the city in Crackdown was one of the more immersive ones I've ever seen as far as Sandbox games go.

artman4734d ago

sony can use the church for launching ressitance 2, can't understand them. if they just want money... just say it. no need to blame things.
pay for covering our hurt feeling... that is just so... pharisees

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