GameZone: Grand Fantasia Preview

GameZone writes: "Grand Fantasia is not about hyper-realistic or nightmarish monsters, or creating a world that asks players to delve deep into the min-max side of massively multiplayer online gaming. It is, however, very much about accessibility with charm and fun tossed in as bonuses."

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dnux3233d ago

I recommend this Anime MMORPG to anyone who enjoys playing games such as Runescape or WoW. Even though Grand Fantasia is not that well known yet, I'm sure that the name will get out there soon. Pvping is one of the highlights of the game and i cant seem to find anything that i dont like about it! The players are extremely friendly and i immediately got immersed in the gameplay.

To try it out, go to :

dnux3227d ago

wrong site >.< once again this is an Anime MMORPG http://grandfantasia.aeriag... "