Contra 4 Rocked n' Loaded Pre-Order Opens

Fans looking forward to the Contra 4 music arrangement project, "Rocked n' Loaded" need not wait any longer for an official release date. It will be out on January 1, 2010 at MAGfest. The project, which will feature talent from OverClocked ReMix along with the game's composer, Jake Kaufman, is currently available for pre-order, and will cost $12 USD in the United States and $18 USD internationally.

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Kurylo3d4143d ago

whats up with those beer bellys on the image. I always thought the contra guys were supposed to look like rambo... this is lame lol... the developers probably look like that... self envy tryn to make themselves look like badasses... but lets face it.. with bellys like that, u aint runnin away from any monsters.