Madden 08 Screen Shots

EA Sports has released a few screen shots for Madden 08. They include 2 incredible catches, a screen shot of Walter Payton, and another of Barry Sanders.

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Diselage4740d ago

Looking good but then again they always look good. Glad to see they actually have Hall of Famers that people actually know now, because granted I'm not the biggest NFL history buff but I know my fair share and there were a lot of players from last year's game I didn't know.

Barry Sanders better be crazy good like he was in real life.

closedxxx4740d ago

Let's hope it's not just a visually a cleaned up, glitch-ridden clone of Madden 07

Keyser4740d ago

I hope they actually made some real improvements to the gameplay and this is not a carbon Copy. I didn't buy last years Madden and I'll probably rent this one before I buy it just to make sure.

Monchichi0254740d ago

I really tried to like it, buying the last two series once 2K wasn’t around but it was just bloody awful!!!! 2k is ten times better!!

Keyser4740d ago

I'm not really a fan of 2K either. They need to bring what's good about both games together. That series has been out too long not to have football perfected to a T! They need to get the fundamentals right then worry about all that extra stuff.

Diselage4740d ago

Bring back NFL FEVER! That was a football game.

donscrillinger4740d ago

are the refs on the field ,side line markers refs,the line of srimm,eTc.. looks very much like the jap anime game of last year still wit none of the stuff i type about .why iz this .but E.A. claims if its in the game ITZ IN THERE GAME .but every pic of this game i've been seeing has not one of these things .i don't know about you cats but every game i've watched on tv and went to had refs on the field and side line refs ,etc. look at the detail my friends .matter of fact go look at the new 2k8 .itz not even lisc bye the NFL and it has all of these things CRAZY huh ..

omansteveo4740d ago

Thank you my friend thank you. Ea is all about cutting corners every year they seem to forget its the little things that make all of the difference. Things like measuring for 1st downs or carting players off the field when they get hurt. Oh and way to use the ESPN license 2K did a remarkable job with it and integrating it into their game. Year after year a new Madden releases and year after year they take another step backwards.

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