Sony: 'No PSP phone coming'

SCEE CEO David Reeves has denied that a PSP phone is currently in development following a flurry of internet reports last week. Speaking exclusively to MCV, David Reeves has dismissed the suggestion that a PSP phone is on the cards.

"I know the head of Sony Ericsson very well," he said. "He has a Walkman phone and a Cybershot phone available, but I know nothing about a PSP phone. I haven't heard anything about it at all – and I would know. They wouldn't develop it without our knowledge."

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Andronix4741d ago

all in one phone/portable computers is the future.
the apple iphone and the Nokia N95 represent this perfectly and the market will grow massively as they replace the standard phone.

-let this market mature a bit and maybe Sony might see the value in such a product.