PS3 Store games dated

Sony UK have today revealed a few new dates for the latest offerings bound for the PS3 Store, with MotorStorm's freely downloadable 'Time Attack' mode set for release this Friday - June 15th. As well as ushering in a new way to play the game, the online update also delivers a number of tweaks and enhancements, bolstering stability and the interface to boot.

Then there's Calling All Cars!, which is due out on Friday June 22nd, and will cost 4.99 GBP or 7.99 Euro. David Jaffe's latest is something of a departure from the world of Greek Gods and war, instead charging the player with racing around the streets, rounding up the low-lifes en masse.

Super Stardust HD is the last new arrival confirmed by the Big S, arriving (again on a Friday) come June 29th. An Asteroids-esque puzzle-blaster thing is order of the day - and from the HD in the title you can derive that while the gameplay may be retrograde the visuals certainly won't be. More on all this soon.

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SuperSaiyan44805d ago (Edited 4805d ago )

250mb WOW! I downloaded it and I have to say a bargain for £1.99 with online play!!!

Microsoft learn a lesson here! Stop ripping us off with over price rubbish!! I think I paid double for MK3 on the 360 marketplace.

What I find weird is how you download something from the PSN and then you have to 'install' it.

Edit: @Handshady no I disagree, look at MK3 on the 360 its less than 50mb thats in HD and online play.

MK2 on PS3 online play and in HD 250mb it doesnt make sense - and on top of that you then have to install it so its even bigger is thats what you are trying to say???

Pure madness.

InMyOpinion4805d ago

The prices on arcade games for the 360 are too high. The only game I've considered buying is Castlevania SOTN, but I still have'nt made up my mind if it's worth it.

Snake_Doctor4805d ago

Kudos to Sony on not raising the price for Europeans. What kind of strange world is this were they pay the same as me for Calling all Cars?

Yeah and that little install bubble is a bit weird.

HandShandy4805d ago

The files are downloaded from PSN Compressed to save time for you.

When they are installing, they are really uncompressing.

I know this because I am the guru of all Playstation knowledge. I also have common sense.

Snake_Doctor4805d ago

I hadn't remembered seeing it when I downloaded some other games and demos so I was like vas es das?