Achievements 101: Bots, Bosses and Babalities

David Dreger of Xbox360Fanboy writes:

"X3F Achievements 101 is back, and on its regularly scheduled time slot of Sundays. Initial response to our first edition was rather positive, so we're glad you like the concept and hope you enjoy reading, and even participating in the column. Emails with Achievement tips also came in at a good pace, and I look forward to playing and trading with you. One particular email stood out, which came from Casey over at, and the steps he took to get Achievements in one of the most time consuming Arcade games, Bejeweled 2.

Casey mentions that he has two unrelated hobbies, unlocking Achievements, and writing code. Fortunately for him, he was able to merge them together to create a bot to unlock most of Bejeweled 2's Achievements. We've all seen something similar to this before, with Perfect Dark Zero, but the difference is that this bot didn't actually play the game, where as Casey's bot does. The video below is real time capture of the bot playing Hyper Mode."

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Diselage4805d ago

Not a bad little video, boring to watch but i guess if you want all of the achievements in bejeweled.

Systematrix4805d ago

I'd give him credit for those achievement points just for all the work he had to do to get that working.