Violence Causes Games

Over the past couple of months, the debate claiming, "games cause violence" has intensified. Everyone can thank special interest jockeys like Jack Thompson and Dr. Phil. Game Today prefers to thank people instead of blaming.

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wolfgang4734d ago

That a big load of $h|t. The guy on the cover of the magazine is "Kimveer Gill", he shot at student at the Dawson College, Killing one, injuring a dozen. When this happenned, the police raided his house and found a few weapon.

They found no console, one old PC.

Not exactly a big gamer, or maybe he love retro game with low minimum requierement. On the other hand, they found out he loveeeee to uplaod pictures of himself with his weapons on his forum. He loveeee to express his hatred on his forum.

Gill was mentally ill, he targeted "young & happy" people for reasons still unclear, but it has nothing to do with videogames. Some a$$holes with hidden agendas will try to use this event (and othershooting) at they advange, don'y beleive everything they said. Hell we a journalist from Toronto who claimed Gill shoot thoses kid because they spoke fluent French and he only knew English.

nobizlikesnowbiz4734d ago

Basically, sick f**ks kill innocent people for no logical reason. 99.999999% of videogamers have the brain capacity to recognize that they are playing a videogame, and it's completely different to kill people in real life.

It's just worthless beings like J.T. that are in fact LOOKING for tragedies to support their bogus claims. They should be punished severly for their immoral acts.

astrobrights4733d ago

I'm the one who wrote this article. It just frustrates me to no end how moronic this debate is really. Even with the VT shooting that personally affected me... Cho didn't have games. He was simply a twisted bastard. I have a feeling if there is a hell, JT will be there one day.