Bonus Round Episode 6: Part 1

Gametrailers has added episode 6: part 1 to their popular chat show, "Bonus Round" hosted by Geoff Keighley. The episode covers Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, and will feature interviews with employees of Microsoft and Sony. You can follow the link to the Windows Media Player version of the show, or head on over to to check it out in another format.

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DrPirate4736d ago

The Xbox representative was very well spoken. I'm glad he didn't take the arrogant pompous Microsoft attitude and respected his competition. He spoke well considering those were some tough questions he had to answer but he got nervous and hesitated at the end there. I can't wait to watch the Sony rep get drilled.

No matter what, this is proof that competition is good for the market and we should hope that the PS3 and 360 do well. Either way, we get more.

solidt124736d ago

Great Interview. I agree Aaron did a good job handling those tough questions. I know Sony is going to get slammed with even tougher questions next week and I can't wait to hear there responses. I am Optimistic about PS3 and the 360 now that there is some competition. Sony has a lot of catching up to do but it looks like they are going to take off this fall and leave Microsoft in the dust.

theShah4736d ago

Sony is gonna get drilled by
I think we may hear something like "changes are coming," and then ill rejoice....PSN is not set in stone and will become better....props to aaron from xbox live team though....evolutionary online for consoles.

ZyKlOn4717d ago

Geoff Keighley is a Microsoft [email protected] fu$K you Geoff Keighley