Final Fantasy II: Anniversary Edition Preview

Everyone who's played a few Final Fantasy games has their own least favorite entry in the series. For many it's the emo-licious Final Fantasy VIII, wherein the main character spends more time sulking than saving the world. Or it's the massively multiplayer Final Fantasy XI, on the grounds that it's not a real Final Fantasy game. Or perhaps it's last year's Final Fantasy XII, for attempting to integrate FFXI's gameplay into a solo experience while shifting the game's focus away from its hairsprayed hero.

But regardless of their tastes, pretty much everyone can agree on one thing: Final Fantasy II sucked.

No, no, not the one on Super NES. That was actually a neutered version of Final Fantasy IV, brandishing a different roman numeral due to the fact that the real FFII (and its sequel) were initially passed over for U.S. release. And when the game finally made its way west in 2001, the general consensus among fans wasn't, "At last! A long-awaited rarity!" but rather, "Good grief, this wasn't worth the wait at all."

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GamerMan4739d ago

I can definitely see that apparantly some people don't like the FF series or care for this iteration. Personally it makes it more difficult and I enjoyed the rom I played of it. It isn't the best of the FF series by any means but it's still a quality game and I look forward to the changes that SE has made. This will definitely be added to my game collection once released.