Games of the Past: Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition

Oprainfall write: "Final Fantasy II is, in many ways, one of the “black sheep” of the series. Originally released in Japan way back in 1988, Final Fantasy II never saw the light of day in the rest of the world in its original NES (Famicom) form. Instead, it screwed up Final Fantasy’s numbering system in the West, turning Japan’s Final Fantasy IV into the West’s Final Fantasy II, and Japan’s Final Fantasy VI into the West’s Final Fantasy III (As you can see, neither Japan’s Final Fantasies III nor V were released in the West either). In addition to causing huge amounts of numerical confusion, Final Fantasy II also departed in several important ways from the gameplay of its predecessor, as well as that of its successors. In an interesting coincidence, this makes Final Fantasy II one of a number of NES sequels that went on to become “black sheep,” such as Super Mario Bros. 2 and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link."

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CrescentFang2663d ago

I really liked the story for this game. I played the Dawn of Souls version. I hear it's battle system was like an earlier version of the SaGa series, but I got through it. The only problem was the encounter rate. But I really enjoyed the story and music.
I've never seen so many playable characters die in an FF game. Each one went out in a bang though.

belac092663d ago

I love ff 2! i like the keyword system.

Main_Street_Saint2663d ago

I notice the old school games like this really tried to do something different and was bashed for not being more of the same; nice to see it get some respect these days.

Highly underrated FF game, IMHO.

AIndoria2663d ago

I'd say FFVIII was wholly underrated in the "Top Underrated Games" series. I'd also add Persona 3 and Valkyria Chronicles. Play them, they're great.

FFVIII starts off slow in the first disc but d3 and d4 are absolutley amazing.

Main_Street_Saint2662d ago

I'm half and half on FF8 but Valkyria Chronicles was amazing; I wish more people would talk about this game more often. I'm going to give Persona 3 a shot at some point.

AIndoria2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Couldn't reply to your comment, but, Persona 3 is TOTALLY worth it. The story gets slow here and there but the ending...oh god the ending!

Make sure you get the PSP version if you can.