The Bunny Hop

Myarcadeplanet talks about some of the cheaper moves in gaming. This week, it's the bunny hop.

"But what about those cheap moves, that aren't officially cheating? The ones that should be unwritten rules, but are so frequent, it seems implausible to consider them wrong. I thought I'd point out some of the ones I have seen in my days, spent tromping around Azeroth in WoW, fighting under the bright computer generated rays of the sun in Battlefield 2, or in other places where gamers from all over the world come together online to beat the living pixels out of each other.

The first, and the one I dislike with the most intensity, is the Bunny Jump (trademark undoubtedly applied for). I'm sure you've all seen this move in action or have even done it yourself. For those of you who haven't seen this, or call it something that I can't spell or can't type here for reasons of possible censorship, I will describe a typical case in which the Bunny Jump is employed."

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Lord Anubis4805d ago (Edited 4805d ago )

After reading the article:

[throws grenades]

Quick I need back up. Take him out!


Diselage4805d ago

What game would you not do this, i've never really seen it looked down upon.