Famitsu Top 20 Most Wanted Titles

Another week, another Top 20 Most Wanted games list from popular gaming magazine Famitsu.

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Lord Anubis4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

lots of PS3 games there.

The most anticipated games for me would be Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gran Turismo 5

Diselage4741d ago

Well it's not exactly like they favor the ps3 or anything all the time;)

Circa244741d ago

Comparing how the Wii and DS are doing against the PS3, I'm actually surprised that there are more Sony games on there than Nintendo. Decent amount, too.

I really don't think Sony realizes how many people are waiting for a price drop. Or more games.

I guess we'll have to wait until later this year for either, huh?

Oh, and what's Biohazard 5?

PlayStation3604741d ago

is Resident Evil 5. Biohazard is the original name for resident evil.

Dr Pepper4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

Where's Mass Effect?

I can't wait for Mass Effect...

Does the person who disagreed with me want to tell me why they don't think Mass Effect should be up there? I'm tired of people just clicking disagree and then not responding.

Bloodmask4741d ago

reply even though I didn't disagree with you just to even things out a bit.

tehcellownu4741d ago

lots of PS3 games..if sony drops the price it will start selling even better..but i cant wait for all these games to come out..

eques judicii4741d ago

so will monster hunter 3 be multi? I'm just wondering...

anyhow, its too bad halo 3 dropped off, but trusty bell moved up slightly. And if monster hunter 3 becomes multiplatform that makes DMC4, Lost Odyssey, Resident Evil 5, Monster Hunter 3, and Trusty bell for the 360... of course, those capcom games will probably sell better on the ps3 in japan... but they'll sell better on 360 in US/Europe.

PlayStation3604741d ago

I hear that more Europeans prefer the PS3 over the 360. Now I am not for certain, just from what everyone has reported on PS3/360 sales in Europe. So it seems, the 360 versions will only sell better in the USA. They'll sell better on the PS3 in Japan and Europe. My humble opinion ofcourse.

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