Why The Wii Is Not Meeting Expectations?

Ali Shah of writes:

"Everyone knows that the Wii is the most popular console of this console generation thus far. It has been sold out since launch and is still hard to come by. So what is driving this console's success? The simplicity for one thing is making it popular with the average public and the cheap price point, is another factor. But, is this console really the best one?"

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unsunghero284741d ago

Personally I'm a Wii fan, but I understand where a lot of this criticism is coming from. My problem, however, with the article is that it seemed to equate the current games' shortcomings to the console's permanent shortcomings, which just isn't accurate. (Plus, the Wii doesn't fall in between the GC and Xbox1, to say that just seemed he hasn't read up enough on the Wii.)

But it's his opinion, and judging by the lack of great games, it's perfectly just. In my opinion, however, this guy should wait; I mean, come on, we've still got the Holy Trinity coming...

TheMART4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

Well in a way I think this article is right.

Not that the Wii is in between the GC and the XBOX 1, but still the Wii is a supercharged Gamecube. Same CPU, but higher clocked etc. It'll be on par with the XBOX1 or maybe a bit over it. But for a console that has to run another 5 years that's just not enough.

I mean, the XBOX 1 released in 2001. The Wii released allmost in 2007. If it has to run untill 2012 in this life cycle, thats more then a decade after the XBOX1 running with about the same strength. That's silly.

No HD also is a bummer. It just is.

Plus, which games are worth buying a Nintendo for the last couple of consoles of them? Everyone is talking about Mario, Zelda and then... it about stops. Ok, Resident Evil 4 for the Gamecube was fine but again I see it happen already again. Wii has Sports which are fun, it released Zelda, which is good... But then? Waiting for Mario in 20 different games. After that, well uh... not much

That's just Nintendo. A few fun first party games, now combined with a innovative controller and that's about it.

@ ER1X (below)

I still would say that. If one has the money. Because for 250 Euro/Dollar I could say its fun for partygaming. On the other hand, overhere in the Netherlands there is a special offer at the MediaMarkt for a 360 Premium, you can buy for 333 Euro.

So if you'd ask me: what if I have to choose between them? Well lets play captain obvious: get that 360 Premium for 333 Euro then.

Compared to the PS3, yup if you say I have 600 Euro/dollar and you see the offer of the 360 for 333 Euro, you add an Wii with it for 250 Euro, you pak 583 Euro and be much better off. And have real motion sensing instead of that PS3 gimmick.

So yeah there isn't one advice to give. All I am saying what I state above. If you think otherwise, give facts and say why you would disagree. I think what I state there is pretty much reality

ER1X4741d ago

What happened to the Mart who used to tell everyone to run out and buy a 360 and a Wii?

cdawson4741d ago

Maybe it's because they took the hardware from a mediocre last gen console and simply just added motion control.
It's a great gimmick for awhile, but how long until there are so many rehashes and crap games that people start to go "wait a second, this isn't worth $200!".

thisisim4741d ago

The rehashes are a result of software developers' failure to anticipate the current success level of the Wii (which many of them regret and are now in the process of creating quality games). The hardware is very innovative (small, sleek, internal wi-fi, usb, bluetooth, improved speed and full backwards compatibility with GC) as well as the software (great internet browser, weather channel, news, Miis). You're comment is pretty narrow-minded.

Also, all consoles can be called gimmicky. The PS3 for the tacked on 6-axis controller (which they fail to utilize typically) and the inclusion of BlueRay, the Xbox for the headset, whatever. Not a real smart way to look at it though. All three systems have their strengths.

snoop_dizzle4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

well it might just be they are so dependent on 1st party developers.

Those games are generally really good but the other games out just aren't made as well. Then your left waiting.

Granted PS3 owners and 360 owners to some extent are waiting(fortunetly theres been a good amount of games to play), but look at whats at store for the 360 and PS3.

As for graphics, i don't really care for most of the games aside for Zelda. Its just that some look really fun like raving rabids. However good graphics should be kinda standard by now(maybe not MGS4 good but still good).

If I want graphics thats why i have a 360 and am getting a PS3.

But still, i want to get one, but i might wait until mario galaxy is out.

Kokoro4741d ago

This is only me. But the Wii could've relied on bringing new IP instead of relying on the usual Mario and ect. They have brought a new crowd. But the old gamers need something more, because we already know how to play games.
my 2 cents.

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