TimeShift In-Depth Video

Some new in-depth video of TimeShift. They said some textures detail rival Gears of War. Now that's big...

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dachiefsman4743d ago

Stop time and steal the opponent's weapon...can it get better than that?

MK_Red4743d ago

Wow, the rain effects are amazing. And some of smoke effects are great but the gameplay is kinda same and weapons lack the force...

CrazzyMan4743d ago

bad thing, that ps3 probably will get again crappy port, since ps3 is not lead developing system.
that mean developers will need to rewrute code or just make game look worse, unless there will be exception like Oblivion. However developer tool EDGE also may help..
Time will show, but game look nice, hope it will also look nice on ps3, unless will have to play that FPS on PC, keyboard + mouse still has it`s advantages. :)

candystop4743d ago

Just buy a 360 and get it over with! I don't see why it has to look as good on PS3 when you could just buy another system that was optimized for it! PS3 will have it's games that will shine but why not enjoy the best of both worlds?

dachiefsman4743d ago

I would have a ps3 too if it had decent games <motorstorm and Resistance alone isn't enough to buy a system this expensive> and didn't require half my soul as payment.
I think that Liar looks excellent!

CrazzyMan4743d ago

Well, i am fan of strategy games(like starcraft2, total war), so i will better invest those money in a pc for those games + some must play PC exclusive games like Crysis. And i don`t see a point to buy x360 for a pc game.

well buying x360, premium for 300$, maybe good deal, but only when they stop failing that much, or atleast there won`t be anymore news about failing x360.

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