PixelJunk Shooter is right on target - Globe and Mail reviews PixelJunk Shooter

Globe and Mail game critic Chad Sapieha writes:

The PlayStation Store has provided us one last small hurrah for 2009: PixelJunk Shooter. This deliciously uncomplicated and habit-forming downloadable game for PlayStation 3 is from Japan-based Q-Games, the studio behind all of the PlayStation 3-only PixelJunk games to date, including last year's brilliant, genre-defying PixelJunk Eden.

The concept behind their latest effort is that space-faring humanity is swiftly running out of resources, forcing us to embark on ever more perilous missions on ever more hostile planets. I think there's a warning somewhere in here about the cost of our culture's seemingly relentless expansion, but I quickly forgot about any potential social commentary the game's makers may have be striving for once the action began and I started to lose myself in the Zen of rescuing little orange men.

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Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4243d ago

I pass over many games like this one simply because Sony doesn't offer a demo.
I have been burned in the past (buying a game that I ended up not liking) so I no longer buy games that I can't demo first (unless I know that I will like it).

Say what you want about Xbox Live, but you can demo every game and decide if you would like to purchase it or not. That is awesome, and it is one of the many reasons that I don't mind paying $30 a year for the service.

chaosatom4243d ago

U played eden and monsters right?

They are brilliant developers.

aiphanes4243d ago

The PSN is so awesome rightnow and oh so free...who needs a demo for any of the awesome pixel junk games?

This one you will have to get on day one!

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

Eden and Monsters bored me to tears, but Pixeljunk Shooter looks interesting to me.

I buy my Xbox Live subscriptions when they go on sale for $30.
Many people believe that the small yearly fee is more than worth it. If you don't believe that, just take a look at how many people subscribe to the service.