Game Reviews From the Future

GameDaily breaks out the time machine and take a peek at some of 2007's most anticipated games and let you know whether or not they'll succeed.

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MK_Red4740d ago

Good idea, terrible future scores. Assassins getting 7!??? The game deserves full 10 and hopefully will earn it. And Mario getting 8!? Lower than Super Smash Bros?? Splinter Cell 5 (Conviction) a yearly game getting as much as Mario Galaxy?

Diselage4740d ago

While some of the scores seem off, i kinda like the idea their going with. It's weird sometimes because they'll hype a games that they have to know will only about an 7 or 8 but they make such a huge deal about it anyways. Hopefully their wrong about the 7 for Assassins though.

Rhezin4740d ago

ya and I thought Conviction was 360 exclusive why does it say ps3 also

Uganda644739d ago

That's because this is from the future where it stopped being the timed exclusive we all know it is.

VirtualGamer4740d ago

Must be a slow news day for GameDaily to make predictions on what games will get for review scores in the future. If this was on paper I would stick it under a bird or something to catch poop since that's about all its good for.

DrPirate4740d ago

I agree, this is a terrible editorial.

It didn't even have any PS3 games to find out if it was finally going to be worth buying.

More on that: Super Mario Galaxy, I don't want to sound biased or anything, but I'm really expecting that game to flop.

Bonsai12144740d ago

but i kinda agree with some of that. Reviewers don't have the balls any more to rate games below 7... people forget that 5 is the middle of a scale of 10, which means perfectly average is 5, not 7 which many people think now and days.

Saint Sony4740d ago

Hmm.. I predict in year 2020 there is something cool happening in gaming.

What a waste of news space.

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