Japanese Lair Preview

This page was automatically translated from Japanese by Google.

As for the stage of the game, the human and the dragon coexist, the times when many centuries leave from today.

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Satanas4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

Lair in Japanese is cool: "raizuhuromurea" (Rise from Lair)

Spoken, this is roughly "u(very brief "u" sound)lay-a" (lair)

Although the translation is very inaccurate, the article is a decent read.

Bloodmask4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

sounds very cool

Satanas4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

// despite the sarcasm (if intended), the pronunciation is interesting in that it is simply a mock of the english words, which is evident to anyone who can read romaji to a fair degree.

kornbeaner4174d ago

The translation needs to be fixed. I could make out a sentence here and there but overall...????????

It's somthing about Lair....I think.