Rumored PS Store Content for 12/17/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"With only a few weeks left in 2009 the PlayStation Store, each week is going to end the year with a bang. This week we are being treated to a Time Trial demo of Gran Turismo 5. Speaking of demos, we're getting a Guitar Hero: Van Halen demo and possibly a Army of Two: The 40th Day demo as well. For full games look forward to TECMO's Puzzlegeddon and Relentless Software's Blue Toad Murder Files. If you have a Hong Kong PSN account be sure to check out the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker demo for the PSP, which also could make its way stateside. Other than those highlights expect plenty of DLC.

The PlayStation Network sent out emails recently with Final Fantasy VIII listed in the coming soon section, so keep an eye out over the next couple weeks for the PSOne classic to hit the PlayStation Store. For now it's going in our rumored section.

Also in preparation for 2010, we've done a massive update to our coming soon section. Be sure to check it out."

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doctorstrange5267d ago

This looks like one of the best updates ever, can't wait

meepmoopmeep5267d ago (Edited 5267d ago )

woo, if VIII comes to PSN i'll grab it, i haven't played it in so long even though i have the disc version

i loved VII on my PSP and i can't wait for VIII & IX

SuperStrokey11235267d ago

No doubt, thats crazy awesome content. Really looking forward to it. I wonder if FF8 is actually going to come out? I never really liked teh game but i might try it again just because.

GVON5267d ago (Edited 5267d ago )

I know braid is out in the UK


GT5 is all i'm after though

Wrathman5267d ago

anyone know wot time of the day these updates are released?

uk time (GMT)


5266d ago
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Myst5267d ago

Cool GT5 demo I can finally try out a racing game. Don't really know what to expect, but from all the buzz surrounding the game seems like it would be a nice game to play after my exams tomorrow.

Redempteur5267d ago

it's more a time trial tool than a demo .
we're missing quite a few thing in the time trial that are confirmed in the full game so don't get your hopes too much ....UNLESS you wish to make your way into the gt ACADEMY

Myst5267d ago

Yeah I don't expect a whole much from the Time Trial, but still I haven't played a racing sim on console at all this generation or last. Only some in the what's left arcades. So just wondering what to expect really.

arakouftaian5267d ago

i will enjoy the
GT5 demo
and buy the Socom "cold front " map pack
i know they don't deserve the money
but let give a break this guys are traying

i mean look at MW2 that game is a mess online but
the press give them award and say its the best
how silly the people is and the press

Timesplitter145267d ago

GT5 and possible Army of Two demo, nice