Top 5 Apple flops

For every iPod, there's a Newton; for every MacBook, a Pippin. Here are the Apple wares Steve Jobs would rather forget...

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MK_Red4243d ago

Kool article, didn't know Apple had so many failures. (But one winner like iPod sells enough to pay for them, right?)

Diselage4243d ago

Apple has always had failures, Before the Ipod it's not exactly like they were doing fantastic.

fury4243d ago

We never had flops. Apple products are the best in the entire world!!!!

Lord Anubis4243d ago

I hope the get in the video game market again.

artman4243d ago

after they are done with iphone I guess. hey where is ur bubble? did 360s fanboy take it out? or PS3 fanboy? I never bother about bubble until I notice someone take it out everytime I said negative things about 360.

ITR4243d ago

It's funny they put this out right before the iPhone is release.

Thank you MS for your FUDing C/NET cohorts.

MK_Red4243d ago

I dont exactly remember but I believe Apple once made a game console and I think that was one of the biggest flops.

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