Powerglove Wiimote

A japanese hacker merged a powerglove with a wiimote. Need I say more? Seriously, who didn't want a powerglove when they came out? video of the thing in action is after the break.

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TnS4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Old: December 06, 2006


Bad editing: "Need I say more?"

Satanas4241d ago

Even with this glove, the Wii still looks boring.

dale14241d ago

sony already have this patent but its quite a bit better its already in development and you will see this at a much later date guess what for

sumfood4u4241d ago

Brings back memories when playing Mike Tyson Punch~Out. his password is
007-373-5963, lmao I still play that game to this day!

ChickeyCantor4241d ago

how old are you?
you must be retarded.......POWER GLOVE look it up the net.

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The story is too old to be commented.