More Rabbids Adventures On the Way?

The Creative Director of Rabbids Go Home hopes to make more adventure games starring Ubisoft's barking bunnies.

After starring in three mini-game compilations, Go Home was the first adventure game featuring the Rabbids and Jacques Exertier told ONM he hopes that it is just the beginning.

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BlackIceJoe3321d ago

Rabbids Go Home was good. But what about a new Rayman game. That is what I really want. I am all for a Rabbids sequel just want a new Rayman game more.

SpoonyRedMage3321d ago

Yes, same here, they did recently release Rayman on the DSiware though so they haven't forgot about him. However there doesn't seem to be much demand for him, I posted a thread on the forums and only for one reply.:'(

samoon3321d ago

Rabbids, seriously, GO HOME!!!

:) I'm getting tired of wagging my hand with rabbits doing stupid stuff.

asdr3wsfas3321d ago

Then quit buying the games?

PS: Mail me the old copies if you're sick of them, I'll be happy to take them off your hands.