Bayonetta lets dance clip is so damn sexy

VGArabia: After you finish the game, you will be rewarded with a nice clip showing Bayonetta perform some sexy dancing. This clip doesn't reveal anything related to the game story line. It's a bonus material in the game.

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immortal844243d ago

Let kratos and bayonetta dance with each other, lool

Lich1204243d ago

But why is her head so small?

nycredude4243d ago

That is not Japanese art direction that is just straight ugly.

Anyone who thinks this game is sexy needs to seriously get out more, no offense. She barely looks human, and her proportions are way off.

Anyone who says this game is the best action game is overhyping this game. Just a DMC clone. Played the demo and passing. Mass Effect 2 for me instead.

Tony P4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

@nycre: A DMC clone is not an insult. DMC is an awesome franchise and should be near the top of the pile along with Ninja Gaiden. Excellent games like those two paved the way for games like GoW. So again, why shouldn't I play this game?

I'm on the fence about the game. But I read nothing but facetious reasons why the game is "overhyped". And I tend to pass those off as vengeful complaints from the crowd that got the worse off version. BS reasons for the sake of downplay. Stinks of the whole KZ2 thing. "Ugly" and "bad proportions" are the new "too grey".

So what's *really* wrong with the game? Gotta do better than "ugly" for a top-rated title.

DelbertGrady4243d ago

How can it be a DMC clone when it's made by the creator of DMC?

Desperately bashing it and trying to downplay it won't change the fact that it's an awesome game. Keep trying.

FamilyGuy4243d ago

The game might be absolutely incredible but that was... I don't even know, did you guys seriously enjoy that? The most recent episode of Family Guy had better dancing (Peter takes Loise's dad to a strip club)

Anon19744243d ago

She's kinda got an unnaturally skinny, barbie doll like shape with that wee small head and Tina Fey glasses. Kinda gives me the creeping willies to see her moving around like that.

Ashby_JC4243d ago

Yeah she kinds creeps me out as well.

Lil head and really thin body....kinda looks like a Rue Paul lookalike.

I mean what is up with the glasses??? THey trying to go for the HOT for TEACHER vibe lol?? Its NOT working for me....

...but hey Im sure some like her look. NOT ME :) And the vid of her dancing...that was NOT sexy and I could only look at a few secs!

Anon19744243d ago

I think that's what bugs me about this game. I don't think she's a very appealing character. Certainly doesn't make me want to rush out and buy the game.

phosphor1124243d ago

She's nasty, and the only way that people can find that attractive is if they'd go for anything with boobs and a hole. Nothing is proportional on that creature. It's lanky legs make it look like a spider, the music is pure sh*t and the dancing was horrible. NOTHING was good about that video.

And if Kratos and Bayonetta are ever in the same room, Kratos will rip Bayonetta's head off and eat her neck.

Udidntlistenpunk4243d ago

She is also deformed.

Im scared right now.

Dark General4243d ago

I heard small heads in Japan are pretty common.

Raz4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

Seriously, what's up with the pinhead?

<think unsexy thoughts think unsexy thoughts...ugh, *that's* unsexy>


Think I'll pick up Dante's Inferno instead.

khellendros14243d ago

Everyone complaining about the size of her head should realize that it's consistent with superhero proportions. She's about 8 1/2 heads tall. That size is usually reserved for men but it's not uncommon for that scale to be used on women. The design may be sexual but its good.

cyberwaffles4243d ago

mute the bayonetta video and play it with back in black. much more suiting; it reminds me of a show girls place i went to one time.

The_Devil_Hunter4243d ago

Nononno let Dante and Bayonetta dance together...

calis4243d ago

"How can it be a DMC clone when it's made by the creator of DMC? "

Do you know what a clone is?

Tony P4243d ago

So eight hours and three disagrees later, none of the complainers can offer anything better than superficial opinions. 95 comments and 460 degrees at the time of posting. And not a single real criticism. So either no one listened or no one could come up with anything. *shrug*

Gj N4"Gamers". Living right up to expectations.

Anyway, I guess I'll grab the game. Have fun downplaying, I guess.

GUNS N SWORDS4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

hmmmmm, kinda fast.

the video probably would have had a different vibe if they would of used some House or some electronica music,

or something from Eric Prydz.

or even this

....hell, it worked for GTA4's episode :)

i guess I'll use that in the background when i see that part coming.

still, it's got some solid motion-capturing none the less :)

Pumbli4243d ago

Tony P - I don't really need to bash Bayonetta, there's nothing wrong with it being a DMC clone and perhaps a damn good one at that.

The thing is, I never liked DMC, so I won't get this game. I love God of War but games like Ninja Gaiden and DMC never did anything for me.

Again, I'm not bashing Bayonetta, I'm just saying it's a game I wouldn't play.

I guess arguing about this game is pointless for me, much like that Forza 3 vs. GT5 stuff, I stay far away from that. I'm not a racing fan. :P

ChulHakSan4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

"It's fuc**ng ugly!"
seriously her head is to small, her body to big, its like they took the head of 10 year old and put in the body of a woman with gigantism, seriously there is no proportion.
I could only watch the first 30 seconds and I believed she was suffering from seizure or something and the annoying pop music didn't only added to the creepiness, and her sarah palin look and the cheery to the whole creepiness

frostypants4243d ago

What's with the crappy 16-bit-era MIDI synthesized music?

Christopher4243d ago

Looks very creepy if you ask me.

NewZealander4243d ago

seriously, after playing the demo...i hate this game so much!

im not a fan of cheap hack n slash games, but this...well there really isnt words to describe what a load of rubbish this game is.

MGSR THE HD VERSION4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

people are saying her head is small; that's not it, her head is perfectly fine.

measure the size and width of her head to her shoulders.

it's her legs that's giving such an appearance, or an allusion.

and Hideki Kamiya stated he's all about the legs.

jeez, people are failing here on their research.

you want a big head bayonetta there you go

ps3 gamers- "oh never mind, she's got small shoulders now"

lolz, fvcking people with their complaints.

edit, and plus the women's on fvcking high-heels too, so that adds to her height.

calis4243d ago

I must be one of few who doesnt get turned on by a video game...

7ero H3LL4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

women like bayonetta do exist, they're called super models or in this case and show girls.

and comparing the style of those girls in that pic i think that's exactly what Hideki wanted bayonetta to look like (with the high heels and white gloves, and feather like things dangling from their arms.)

A HiFi4243d ago

I'm so glad to see people saying these things about the character, thought it was just me. She's a terrible character; personality and art direction (plus technically). When it was first announced, she sounded great. I've only played the demo, seen a few clips and now seen this - she's so cold (but not in a meaningful way) and she looks bad. But at the same time, that wouldn't matter if she had personality - but there seems to be nothing. She's just a bunch of empty shapes, hence why the close-ups of her assets were the best thing about that video; it's obvious those got the most work. Poor Bayonetta.

It has completely put me off buying the game.

shawnsl654242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

This game can't even take on Darksiders, let alone GOW3. (not attacking darksiders, just saying it can't even beat that)

Looking forward to buying Darksiders.

Stopped the vid when she flapped her hands like a chicken. Looks fugly.

Sarcasm4242d ago

Pretty lame.

I'd rather watch this all day

pixelsword4242d ago

honestly though; even a homely woman is more attractive than a virtual one. Then again, even watching pr0n is a little unsettling for me as it's still not a real woman, just an image of one.

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CrippleH4243d ago

That wasn't even sexy, it was awkward as hell.

hardcore19124243d ago

That was sexy and fun to watch.

Timesplitter144243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

I just can't stand her microscopic head and ugly proportions

beardpapa4243d ago

Maybe that's why it got such great ratings. /s

but seriously... what the hell? That was the most random thing I've seen in a "hack-n-slash" game.

Mr_Bun4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

"Bonus Material"?

I thought this was supposed to be a hack-n-slash....not a dancing sim.

Aside from those who love show tunes, I don't see the appeal.

Sheikh Yerbouti4243d ago

with this game, and this cements my opinions of it.

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sashimi4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

She looks so weird... and her body structure is so awkward that it hurts to watch.

ReBurn4243d ago

Looks like she's doing the herky-jerky. That was almost painful to watch.

AssassinHD4243d ago

Agreed. I too found it painful to watch.

LastDays4243d ago

@ 3:12

Nipple alert. Get this game pulled now. My kids are afraid of nipples you'll scar them for life.

qface644243d ago

lol be careful some random idiot might see your comment and start a ban movement