Colin McRae: DiRT Retail Review

The Colin McRae franchise on the Xbox saw 3 hugely successful releases, each title capitalizing on the success of its predecessor and building the franchises reputation and momentum. This all came to an abrupt halt with the release of the Xbox 360, and it has been two and a half years since a Microsoft console has seen a new Colin McRae title. All that is about to change with Codemasters release of Colin McRae: DiRT on the Xbox 360. Recently released screenshots and a high definition trailer that showed impressive graphical quality caused a commotion amongst gamers, but does the end product live up to the hype? And can it truly be called 'next gen'?

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Diselage4741d ago

I was getting sick of "reviews" of just the demo. This game looks great.

PS360PCROCKS4741d ago

awesome!! who cares about the online...if the rest of the game is as addictive as the demo this game is ridiculously awesome.

Jamaicangmr4741d ago

How could you ask who cares about online? Are you serious or just bitter?

PS360PCROCKS4741d ago

I am dead's a racing game and I really don't need the online component to be sold on it. I never played Forza or PGR online...I either play the game or I throw my friend a might need it but I sure as hell don't.