DiRT Online Explored

Being the only two DiRT players online in the entire world, it was easy enough to find the game. Apparently DiRT supports up to 100 players per race, but for this race two would have to do. The game doesn't make room for so many players by having tracks that are three kilometres wide; instead DiRT has a rather unique way of handling online racing.

While DiRT has several different racing categories in the single player game, online racing is only supported in standard rally and hill climb modes. If you've ever watched rally in real life, you'll realise that the tracks are roughly the width of a shopping trolley, so how does it accommodate multiple racers? The answer is simple.

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shysun4744d ago

And people hyped this crap to be better that Motorstorm.

TnS4744d ago

This is next-gen "multiplayer". :)

God of Gaming4744d ago

Dirt is much more of a SIM and if you know anything about Rally racing its done by time.... So this is a good way to get 100 people going up against each other.. its all based on time. Motorstorm is an arcade type racer... and its fine for that.

Dirt also has a MASSIVE career section to it.. which is much more impressive than what Motorstorm offered in that department.

Diselage4744d ago

How else would you get 100 people, 100 separate cars are you kidding me? This way works just fine and like God of Gaming said rally is done by time and in rally races cars rarely meet up with each other because they have a staggered start.

BlackCountryBob4744d ago

I still am getting this game, so the multi player is a bit off but so what, so many games now concentrate on the multi player function and almost totally ignore the single player modes so its nice to see that the single player is the star for once. Its ironic that it gets criticised in this way though because it is it seems true to the source material of what rally driving is, a single car racing against the clock!

The biggest criticism of DIRT should be the omission of Finland and Sweeden.

Also, I could never understand why on earth no game has ever taken a crack at the Kenya Rally stages, they were truly awsome and it was my favourite real life rally up until it was sadly removed from the calender.

Bullseye4743d ago

anyway you choose,but next gen titles of this magnitude simply cannot get away with such terrible on-line support.Yes, i know the career mode is awesome,apparently,but using an excuse like, this is the best way to do multiplayer for this type of game,because thats how they do it in rallying, is lame.I'm not saying this isn't a next gen title, i'm just saying it isn't a complete next-gen title.Had the game supported proper multiplayer, then i would have purchased for sure, as it stands, its a rental at best. There are lots of other games out and due that can better this for sure.Big letdown in my opinion.

gapzi11a4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Codemasters has admitted themselves that, when designing this new game engine, they just didn't have the time or resources to develop the network code for online head-to-head racing. It has nothing to do with the rally racing aspect of the game as the game features rally cross and CORR events, which are head-to head in the real world. Though the WRC events will be fine with a stage time leaderboard, the rest of the modes should have had head-to-head.

Ignorant Fanboy4743d ago

You dont put two cars on the same track at the same time.

If you are a diehard rally fan this will be normal to you.

Motorstorm and Forza are holding me off just fine right now.

gapzi11a4743d ago

Another large part of this game is CORR racing, which IS head-to-head in real life. That is why this is called Dirt and not Colin McRae Rally.