PSLS Presents – The Making of Polar Panic

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

Being their first game for the PlayStation 3, Eiconic Games has a lot to prove with their upcoming title, Polar Panic. A mix of classic arcade goodness and modern gameplay, Polar Panic is looking to give gamers an exciting and fun, albeit warm, gameplay experience.

As with all games, Polar Panic had to evolve; from the preliminary conceptual stages all the way to the final code. Eiconic Games has been nice enough to provide us with an extensive amount of concept art; highlighting one of the stages in the game, the Pirate Ship, and its evolution throughout development.

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doctorstrange4238d ago

The development of games and their background really intrigues me

T3mpr1x4238d ago

Cardboard cutouts FTW! It would be cool if they had that option as an unlockable or something!

DoucheVader4238d ago

Good to see the smaller devs getting some exposure.