EA Sports Set To Announce New WWE Game?

From the article:
"EA Sports have announced that they're going to announce a new game in January, but won't tell us what just yet. Rumor has it that this new ventures. will be professional wrestling once again. More specifically they could be taking on the WWE brand when THQ's license runs out at the end of 2009."

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DarkSniper4196d ago

If this happens, Dark Sniper prays to the gaming gods above that EA licenses AKI to develop the game. Only they were able to capture a fun and true gameplay experience inside the squared circle.


UltimateSin4196d ago

Greatest article picture.

doomsday6664195d ago

May also be the new TNA game as they are looking for someone to publish their next game. I do hope its for the new WWE game as long as they handle it right. And i'm not really a fan of TNA, longtime WWE fan.

4194d ago