Market share not vital to PS3 success?

When you really step into it and start thinking about Nintendo expanding their market and bringing in new customers that doesn't necessarily correlate to Sony or MS due to the simplicity of the target demographic of the Wii.

So with that in mind how can that reflect on Sony & MS?

First off, these new consumers that Nintendo is bringing in by these simple games can lead to them becoming a more avid gamer in which they could end up being interested in what the PS3 & 360 have to offer. Thus expanding the core gaming market for all three. For the ones that don't go beyond those simplistic casual games of the Wii they will stand alone until Sony & MS are able to match that of the Wii.

Now the question is how many of these new consumers will covert? The way things look, not that many, given the majority of the games we will see on the Wii will be those simple games. Sure we will see games for the core gamer but no more then the PS3 & 360.

So in essence by Nintendo expanding their market doesn't mean it will have a big effect on expanding the market for the PS3 & 360. In which the pie is only getting bigger for Nintendo.

Time will only tell if the PS3 will be able to survive on a much smaller market share.

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toughNAME4736d ago

dont get me wrong im a true MS fanboy

but Sony has a successful history and a ton of followers
...regardless of how sh!tty the games are


DrPirate4736d ago

Right the X-Box library of games makes the PS, PS2, PS3 existing and upcoming library of games look like crap.

Give me a break. All that came out of X-Box was Halo. I love MS but even I'm willing to admit all I got it for was Halo and Gears.

God of War is possibly the Halo of all action games IMO.

Uganda644736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

Wii isn't expanding market share - it's going after one-off non gamers this time. Hardcore gamers hate it. Non-Nintendo gamers hate it.

Maybe they're right and the non-gamer market is just as big as casuals and hardcores that play on the other consoles. They won't take sales from PS3 or 360. It'll be a completely different audience.

However Wii has all the makings of a fad and I can't wait to see the looks on peoples' faces when it drops off the face of the earth like Gamecube in the next few years. Then I guess we'll see WiiHD which won't matter at all because it'll be a unsuccessful followup to a fad - and it would then have competition from a cheap PS3 in full stride.

Yeah, apart from the incredibly illogical comparison between consoles and handhelds, do you honestly expect non-gamers, which comprise partly of old people to keep fueling software sales? Wii sports is popular because it's a pack in. Wii Play isn't even a game for sale. It's free shovelware with a controller, which people need for multiplayer. Which other Wii non-game is selling? What about actual Wii games...err shoveware like Red Steel and Rayman? Well, considering they're top of the line and are selling to the Nintendo fanboys who have nothing else to play, the sales are understandable.

As I explained in another post, Wii games have a smaller opening, a longer life at mediocre sales, and eventually end up below big PS3 titles like Motorstorm and R:FOM. I guess it's not a fair comparison though, since Wii doesn't have any good games which aren't from gamecube.

Why would non-gamers stay at home and play mini-shovelware collections, thus becoming some form of gamer when they'd usually be living their lives and have avoided it for so long. With DS, which is 15 million strong in Japan, portability was key. Everyone's going to work on trains in Japan and it's a completely different culture. Portables have completely different rules and expectations. They're nothing like consoles...thus Wii =/= and will never =/= DS.

DrunKao4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

I think PS3 has a better chance of it's sales skyrocketing and becoming the #1 console than the Wii has of falling off the face of the earth. Sales = software = sales = software = sales, etc. It's a vicious cycle that's not likely to end any time soon ;)

Just look at the DS. That should be enough proof for everyone that wants to write off the Wii.

castlerock4736d ago

I am a casual gamer and Software Developer. I bought a Wii at Christmas for a laugh.

I have found the Wii to be brilliant. I like games that are a laugh, I can play with me mates and don't have a bible of instructions to play.

The reason the Wii is outselling the PS3 is both because of cost AND innovation.

Its about time Sony learned that SPIN always comes back to bite you on the arse..looks like its time to pay the piper.

BlueRay is a waste of time at the moment - its too new and the next set of consoles will either use it or probably use a download system or SD card reader. The only reason sony has added it is to try and dominate with their BD platform at least MS has the sense not to force the issue.

It goes to prove - if you force it in somethings going to tear - lol

Bloodmask4736d ago

I have more respect for Nintendo than any other publisher. Your just pro-Sony no matter what. Sony could sell you a pile of dog 5hit and you would say it was Jesus second coming....Shigeru Miyamoto is like the Walt Disney of the video games industry. He deserves more respect than anyone.....for the simple fact that he hasn't forgot that gaming is all about fun, and not tech specs. Without Nintendo video games wouldn't be what they are today and the Playstation wouldn't even exist. Remember the alleged Snes-CD? Hello Playstation.

Uganda644736d ago

Same goes for you and anything anti-Sony. That's all you blabber on about.
"Shigeru is the greatest best amazi slurp slurp slurp"

I respect the man, but what you wrote is a load of crap. All they did look at was tech specs and 'wide appealing games' (which mainly failed) until Wii (DS really) when they realized even tech specs couldn't save them from a Sony pounding.

Before that Nintendo abused their power so much they were hated by the entire industry and sued successfully. Also, the market TODAY is all thanks to Sony. Sony made gaming cool and broadened its appeal. Without Sony we wouldn't have the variety, the growth or the competition we have today.

How DO you have so many bubbles (as was asked in a previous topic)?

sumfood4u4736d ago

But watch how the other system mimic it's genius inventions! That's all I'm saying!

AngryTypingGuy4736d ago

It could be to flood the market with BluRay. If Sony has the winning format, it would be more financially successful for the company than having the highest selling system. If BluRay is the only choice eventually, that means that EVERYONE is buying Sony's format.

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