PS3, 360, Wii: Gaming Websites Debate Console War

The Console War Debate. Which is Best - Wii, PS3 or XBOX 360?
The Following Gaming sites debate this issue.

Michael "Zonk" Zenke from Slashdot
Chris Grant from Joystiq
Brandon Sheffield from Gamasutra
Niels Keurentjes from Xboxic
Paul "Lefein" Shields from PS3forums
Jorge Ba-oh from Cubed3

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Systematrix4745d ago

RuJoshin is right, I can't/won't read all that. Maybe get some audio of this and it will be tolerable.

Hydrolex4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Waste of time ! everyone has an opinion and his/her opinion says which one is the best.

im a ps3 fan so i say PS3. Xbox 360 fans say Xbox 360 and wii fans say Wii and there is no problem.

lookout4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Five years from now they will all be cheap & the games. You get to enjoy everything.

so why all the debate? such a waste of time.

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