Smash Brawl Most Important for Nintendo in 2007?

So far the site merely is teasing us with relatively minute nuggets of information every weekday, rather than flooding us with a veritable deluge of details. It's a torturous, if understandable necessity. The Nintendo housed beat 'em up is one of the most anticipated and high profile titles in Wii's forthcoming catalogue of games, and fans will take any little bites of it rather than none at all. Opening the whole site to reveal most of Brawl's secrets and nuances when there's still around five months before its release would be like pouring a large vat of your favourite ice cream down your gullet before dinner is served; "yeah, that was amazing, but erm… what's for dessert?" A trickle is what we have to be content with for now.

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timmyp534743d ago

super smash bros melee is still cubes best game next to zelda

unsunghero284742d ago

If Nintendo can reel in enough third-party characters then it could easily be the Wii's equivalent of Halo 3.

sumfood4u4742d ago

SSMB= is Wii Answer to Kick A$$ Sweet Series! I'd luv this game since the N64. and beat every mode possible on 64, an GC. So Hell to the Yeah I can't wait for this game to Appear this Year! If people think this Wii is all for Granny's & Kiddy's try this game an see for yur self!

AcidRhain4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

you are lamest mofo on here. why don't you go fukc a goat.

And for the topic of discussion, YEAH this is on my top 5 for the 2007 game extravaganza of releases. Online wifi will be the most insane fun.

Odion4742d ago

lol i love the quote that the wii has unfairly been labelled a mini game system.

It has like 3 real games and the rest are bundles of mini games its bs to call it anything else

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