Myths of Hardcore Nintendo Fans

One of the biggest factors affecting the Nintendo Wii's library is the longstanding assumption among publishers that Nintendo fans don't buy third-party games. And it's an assumption Bitmob has fought against for years. In their opinion, the limits of what core Nintendo fans will buy has never been definitively charted, and it's still an issue to this day.

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ZoidsRaven3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

If they weren't buying thrid party games, then RE 4 & UC wouldn't have sold a million. It's third parties faults for not advertising their games the right way. But yet we can hear "it's Nintendo's fault for not supporting third parties", even though it's the publisher's job. 7_7

Shnazzyone3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

How can nintendo owners be expected to support third-party wii games when the third parties do their best to make the games as subpar as they can. Good games sell well on wii. That is slowly being proven to be true. Developers have to stop looking at first week sales as a games ultimate indicator to success and see long term numbers are more important.

na-no-nai3621d ago

me i buy games that are good and worth my time. but sometime i dont have the money to keep throwing out to buy games. i seen quite a few third party games that are worth the money.
and about most 3rd party not trying is true. i wont buy games that are crap