Dragon Age: Origins Coming to the Mac

Dragon Age: Origins has been widely praised since its release on November 3, earning high review scores and numerous awards including the RPG of the Year and PC Game of the Year titles at the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards. One thing it has not been, however, is on the Mac, but that's an oversight that will soon be corrected thanks to the efforts of TransGaming Inc., best known for the Cedega and Cider software that allow PC games to be played on Mac and Linux-based systems.

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mcgrawgamer3623d ago

should be good news for mac owners who want to play this game and don't have a console.

Darkstorn3623d ago

Good news for Mac users, I know you guys tend to get the shaft when it comes to games. Everyone should play this game.

kaveti66163623d ago

Can't they just create a Windows partition to play?

Nihilism3623d ago

Because they would need to buy 2 OS's to get the functions they need....once again, why does anyone buy mac OS, let alone the hardware....insane :S

DeadlyFire3622d ago

I am glad. Maybe this means one day we will see some real potential with game libraries on Mac and PC. :)

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raztad3623d ago

It's somewhat funny, MAC news in the PC section :) Definitely good news for MAC owners. A quality Western-RPG coming to a MAC near of you.

y0haN3622d ago

It's Mac, not MAC. We're not talking about hexadecimal hardware addresses :D.

Letros3623d ago

Boot camp...why go through the effort of porting.

beardpapa3623d ago

porting to the mac using the cider wrapper actually isn't that difficult. if anything, they'll make a decent little profit off little effort.

r0s3b0wl233623d ago

Cool, now gay people can try this great game too!

Sunny_D3623d ago

Wow, Lol. Gays versus nerds? Hmmm, I take the nerds.

Nihilism3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

That's great for mac owners. I still believe that if the propriety music programs specific to mac went to windows that the mac userbase would halve overnight


you ask these mac fanboys what their number 1 reason for using mac over PC is, I guarantee the majority will say 'mac is better for music editing', like I said if garageband etc came to pc, a lot of the reason for choosing mac would disappear

raztad3623d ago

I dont think so. I know a lot of mac users, and I HAD a mac myself. Most of them are mac fanboys and just dont dig PCs.

PirateThom3623d ago

Music programs are the sole reason I would consider a Mac. I would probably be as well getting a PC with a decent soundcard and a copy of Reason, MAX or something though to go with FL Studio.

Jamescagney3623d ago

I've been into music production since the Amiga days and can honestly say there's little you can do on a Mac that you can't do with a pc. Others have their own preferences though, I know a lot of people that will only use Macs. Much like I would only use a pc I suppose.

darkequitus3623d ago

I use my iMac for Final Cut Studio and nothing else actually. I do all my transocding on my PC using the GPU.

Gameplay9993622d ago

I love Macs because of the Mac OS and iLife is a great pre-installed software package that doesn't come with Windows anything or on any PC. Apple adds a personal touch to their computers and its just a joyful experience. Everything isn't all rosy as I can say I have had problems here and there but managed to figure them out on my own.
Using a PC running Windows now for me would be a headache, even though I wouldn't mind getting a great gaming PC to play titles like Sins of a Solar Empire, Civ IV etc.

SaiyanFury3622d ago

Macs are nice and stable as far as the OS goes. But as far as functionality goes, there's little difference between the two platforms. The mac software no doubt does a good job, but there's a lot of variety of software in the Windows environment that could easily rival a Mac, especially with a PC equipped with a multicore processor.

As for the virus thing, you guys are right; it depends on where you go. I have very modest AV software on my PC here and I've yet to encounter a virus because I don't go to screwy and elicit sites. Mostly gaming sites and biking forums. I don't anticipate any virus problems.

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