The Saboteur - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: The Saboteur is one of the most interesting stories in gaming this year. I am not necessarily referring to the actual story of the game itself though as much as its transition up to its release. Pandemic Studios, the company most notably known for titles such as Mercenaries and Battlefront series, are at the helm of this latest open-world extravaganza. This is also their last game they will ever create as the team was released before it even hit shelves. Then we have the fiasco of downloadable nude codes and The Saboteur is ripe for failure at every turn. Still once you sit down with the game you will quickly discover that underneath its rough exterior is a game that is chock full of fresh and entertaining ideas, and will reward anyone with enough patience to get past its shortcomings.

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meepmoopmeep3619d ago

i'm expecting this for Christmas *cough*

good review, the cons don't seem to deter me from wanting to play it

it's mostly the art style that drew me to this. it's a shame that the stealth isn't great, but i wasn't expecting the greatest stealth came evar (MGS)

raztad3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )


I'm with you there.

This game has "something" that grabs me. 7.5 is a rather decent score and it just shows some lack of polish, not a huge gameplay flaw.

What excites me the more is the shooting mechanics. The Saboteur is more "old school", I'm so bored of cover-pop up-shoot-cover.

If I remember correctly, Mercenaries (the first) was a open word game set in the middle of a War in Korea. I had a lot of fun with it.


To tell the truth, after GTA4 I dont trust scores that much. For me GTA4 is a 8 but it's setting pretty at 9.8. So yeah, that 7 - 7.5 (no out of hype) could make for a good game, hopefully.

meepmoopmeep3619d ago

i haven't been following reviews, this is the first one i read but i just checked, it's not getting great scores but yeah, scores don't mean much to me.

makingdamage3619d ago

It´s a good game. I´ve been playing it for a couple of days now. It´s fun to mess with the nazis, blowing up their sniper nests, tanks etc. But the mood of the game is also very good, the way the game uses colors really increase the tension in the game.

Kakihara3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I bought it about two days ago and I'm glad I did even though I can't recommend it to everyone. It's hilariously shoddily put together, Shaun jumps by wriggling his feet and levitating a split second later. When you drop from a ledge and grab another below it Shaun suddenly stops falling for no reason and then a fraction of a second later brings his hands together to grab the ledge. He also climbs and vaults like he's warped into a reality in which time moves twice as fast.

Like I said though, I'm glad I bought it. If you're the kind of person who can overlook a ton of rough edges for the sake of a beautiful environment, great atmosphere and music and very fun gameplay (the shooting is incredibly fun for some reason I can't quite put my finger on. It just feels great to do) I think you'll like this game.

The only thing that really brings the game down for me is that it's too easy (and too often unavoidable) to remove the cool black and white look from an area and bring it into full colour. When it's full colour it just feels like a regular game (very much like the Godfather). The black and white style adds so much, I just wish they would keep it going for more of the game.