Buried Gems In The History - 5 Underrated Games That Still Worth To Play

by Caspar Leblanc:
"When you first started playing Spec Ops: The Line , you might feel that it’s just another brainless third person shooter, and some parts are kind of boring, that’s what I thought as well, but I was really into shooter games so I finished it and I was totally impressed by its story, don’t worry not spoilers, If you want to know why this game is on the list, and you are interested in good stories, go play it and pay attention to the plot, you will agree my opinion afterwards."

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robtion1622d ago

The Saboteur was great, nice art style and such a good soundtrack. Hunted was cool but very flawed.

Alice the Madness Returns is still really cool for those who like the premise. The original Dead Space holds up well. Catherine has aged incredibly well. The Suda 51 games are all still great if you can dig quirkiness (Shadows of the damned, Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer is dead). There are lots more, many have had remasters already though.

NouveauBlanc1622d ago

Totally agree, Alice the Madness Returns was good, and Split Second mentioned in the article was not bad as well

LoveSpuds1621d ago

I always felt that Saboteur was under appreciated, I really did like that game a lot. It was a real shame when Pandemic got shut down.