Destructoid: What we want to see in Batman: Arkham Asylum 2

Destructoid writes: With the surprise announcement of Arkham Asylum 2 at last night's Spike TV Video Game Awards show, we at Destructoid couldn't help but tremble with excitement, many of us doing so while wearing official Batman pajama pants(and by "many of us," I mean "me and only me").

What of the sequel, then? What do we want to see out of Arkham Asylum 2, and what do we want to see fixed from the first game? The following requests are as fanboyish as they are pretentious (far as we know, our ideas could be really, really bad), but it stands to be said: we loved the first game, and the sequel announcement has gotten us in an excited, list-writing sort of mood.

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kratos1233627d ago

i only need better boss fights then im happy