What I Want in the Next Batman Game

Rumors are circulating that Rocksteady is working on the next Batman game. Here is what i want in it if it is true!

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Them_Bones3254d ago

Mark Hamill is the only reason I played them, I'm finished with the series.

Pozzle3254d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back again if the devs ask him to. He said that Asylum was his last project as the Joker, then he returned for City. He said that City was his last project as the Joker, now he's returning for The Killing Joke animation. He'll probably come back for more games if they want him to.

Them_Bones3254d ago

Yeah that makes sense.
Just like how Hitler might start world war 3!

smikey11233254d ago

I think he is actually done, that is why they are going the prequel route. This lets them get someone else in who doesn't have to nail the exact same tone he had. But if he is gone it will be a damn shame.

ACBAA3253d ago

stupidity at its finest

chili163254d ago

Kevin Conroy is also made the series. Hey who knows if Mark Hamill is done, he might come back who knows!

NovusTerminus3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

I hope they don't use the Joker again... Really, Batman has more villains, give them a chance to take center stage!

Also, I would like a coop mode for the Combat Trials (Can't remember their name)

chili163253d ago

The prequel could add a whole new dimension to the Batman/Joker relationship that not many people have explored and that is the beginning! Sure the Dark Knight did it, but that was its on story, it didn't harcken back to how the Joker became the Joker. I just hope Rocksteady is working on another Batman, I love what they have done!

Dark113253d ago

Just don't make joker the main villain and i will be happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.