Star Trek Online Storylines We'd Like to See from the Next Generation Era.

Bright Hub writes: "I'm excited for Star Trek Online for the same reason I was originally excited for Star Wars: Galaxies, the chance to exist in the world I have spent so much time watching on both the big and small screens. The game takes place some three decades after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, but we can expect to see some familiar characters and storylines continue through to the game. With such a wealth of existing storylines built up over the years, it'd be a shame if the developers ignored some of the series' most compelling characters.

Here's a few examples of unresolved or interesting stories and characters from The Next Generation era that I'd like to see in the game."

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placebo434198d ago

Armus is one of my favs, too. Where's the Ferengi?

Muckbeast4195d ago

You need to get hired by Cryptic so they will make some of these stories happen!